Friday, March 11, 2011

Today's Chart - Axis Bank

Today's chart is Axis Bank. Just a little word about Red and Green lines on charts - these lines should ideally be used to get in on the trend - thus Green lines give you the best places (hopefully!) to get long during a confirmed up-trend and Red lines give you spots to get short during a confirmed bear trend. An alternative use of these lines  is to use them for contra-trend entries - but obviously this is a much riskier approach and is suitable only for very short term traders - perhaps using such levels to get in and out of intra-day trades. As you might have noticed - these lines are not designed to tell you whether the trend is up or down (although there are a couple of helpful pointers) - The main trend is up to you to determine from other methods. I use a combination of methods - very short term RSI combined with longer term RSI  or break of significant price levels.

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