Wednesday, March 09, 2011

New Chart Series

I have been working on a Fibonacci based charting method - wherein the algorithm tries to pick up support and resistance levels  based on a pre-defined criterion (not going to be disclosed - so please don't ask). I will be sharing some charts for some heavily traded stocks on Indian markets. There are two things that put the algorithm off-track - one of them is dividends and another is splits. I'll try wherever possible to adjust the charts for splits - but I am not going to be able to adjust for dividends - given the sheer volume involved. Understandably  - my inability to adjust the charts for dividends takes away a bit from the accuracy of the levels - but overall I have found these charts to be very useful. Hopefully, all of you'll benefit as well.

 For every script there will be two charts  - One based on Bullish formations and the Second based on Bearish formations. I could have combined the two charts into one - but that makes it very confusing to look at - so I'll stick to two charts for each script. I have my one methods of looking at when a particular level is useful for trading purposes - but that's a fairly long explanation and I'll leave that for another post perhaps.

I do not wish to pick and choose charts which look good - so I'll be posting charts periodically starting in alphabetical order, regardless of whether the levels have worked in the past or not . So, here's the first chart of the series - ACC.

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